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Welcome to the East Anglian Card Collectors Club website.

Membership benefits
Briefly, the membership benefits are meeting other members who are also card enthusiasts and collectors, enjoying their company and communicating with them about their particular card interests and yours. Exchanging thoughts and ideas about who has what etc. Participating in our monthly auctions by submitting your own entries and/or bidding on other lots. A number of well known traders regularly attend our meetings.
Receiving up to date card news about the club and the card world. Coming along to the monthly meetings/auctions. Hunting for your wants amongst the gathering of traders who join us each month, some of whom have been with us since the club started.
Consult the archive of news and auctions to see what has been offered in the past.

Monthly newsletter
Every month you will receive by post or download from here, your preference, a report of the previous meeting and auction, together with a listing of the next auction entries. To see previous newsletters go to 'Archive'

Members special offers
On occasions we have the opportunity to offer complete card collections from members and others. These collections often include some surprising and sought after cards.
Monthly Auction - click here for advanced lists
An auction is held at the end of every meeting. As a member the list of the next auctions' entries will be sent to you so you can enter a bid, or come to the next meeting. Non-members may bid at the discretion of the Auctioneer.

Subscription costs
The annual subscription is £10 paid by cheque or cash at the April meeting. Guests/non-members are welcome and they pay £2 admission to attend each meeting.

Club Photos ~ Click here to see our photos

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